BonziWORLD Classic

Leading the industry in gorilla-based chat clients.

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  3. 3.4.61 Offline Cosmic
  4. Extra Colors
  5. Custom animations
  6. Stickers
  7. Windows Aero
  8. Statuses
  9. Media Commands (image, video and audio)
  10. Shut down due to unknown reasons.
    BonziWORLD Classic
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  13. 1.6.0 Online Erik
  14. Stickers
  16. Direct Messaging
  17. More Bonzi Colors
  18. Officially partnered with the BonziWORLD Revived Franchise. (Erik helped with the original BWR server development)
  19. BonziWORLD Revived+ (June 2022 Remake)
    You are here.
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  22. 4.0.0 Online Seamus
  23. An attempt to recreate everything that was in the original BonziWORLD Revived with some exclusive features from March 2022 BWR+ using Cosmic's BonziWORLD Enhanced Base.
  24. MSAgent Colors
  25. Odd but yet familiar commands
  26. Includes a alternative version of BWR
  27. A plenty amount of Games
  28. and so much more.
  29. BonziWORLD Vanilla
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  31. 1.6.0 Online TheBonziWORLD/Faith Golden Lover
    /\ He is a skid (skript kiddie), by the way.
  32. A average bonziworld user's (kiddie) prospective of making a bonziworld server (with all kinds of stuff stolen from other servers).
    Also, it's pretty shitty and also a kiddieish website, so don't play it. And it's pretty obvious that you can tell that this was made by a person who was previously known as "Faith Golden Lover" but with a different name/account. Also this fucker really loves to mention the forbidden name.
    Here's one of the reasons why it sucks.
  33. BonziWORLD Classic (Onute's Version) 1.6.0 Offline onutemaster777
  34. A skiddieish version of BonziWORLD. Also pretty slow as well. It was shut down due to unknown reasons. WARNING: DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT A VPN! THIS SERVER IS A KNOWN IP GRABBER AND CAN BE DANGEROUS IF ENTERED WITHOUT A VPN
  35. BonziWORLD Deluxe
    1.6.0 Offline whateveriam
  36. Vanilla BonziWORLD with additional features
  37. Another BonziWORLD (2022 Remake) 1.6.0 Offline Glitch56
  38. A server that was similar to the original BonziWORLD Revived. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in early development because the discord's people are unsatrically ruining everyone's fun.